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Exhaust Control Industries Australia joins NSW EPA Clean Machine Program


On 31 January 2014, Exhaust Control Industries Australia Pty Ltd (ECI) became a certified supplier of exhaust after-treatment devices for non-road diesel equipment with the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency (NSW EPA) Clean Machine Program.

About ECI

Over the past 30 years, ECI has become a recognised leader in innovative air and noise pollution control technology in Australia. Designed using world-class engineering and CAD facilities, our products are not only manufactured in Australia, but we are a 100% Australian-owned company.

ECI is committed to continuously improving the environment. We are proud to partner with the NSW EPA to improve air quality in both working and urban environments, and to help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Air quality in NSW

EPA community research has consistently found air quality to be a key environmental issue for NSW residents. Air quality in NSW is generally good by international standards and has been steadily improving over time. However, concentrations of O3 (Ozone) in urban areas and PM10 , (Particulate Matter with a diameter of 10 micrometres or less) in both rural and urban areas can exceed national standards. Fine particles enter air from a wide range of industrial, transport and domestic sources. They can harm respiratory and circulatory health, especially in the young, the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. PM10 (and PM2.5) emissions are responsible for primary particulate matter pollution, which is characterised by a brown atmospheric haze during the cooler months of the year.

eci oxidation catalystoxidation catalyst

EPA Clean Machine Program

The EPA is currently running the Clean Machine Program, which aims to reduce diesel exhaust emissions. The program involves public organisations and private industry partnering with EPA to implement policies and strategies within the organisation that are aimed at reducing exposure to diesel exhaust emissions (in particular, particles). ECI is now one of these partners.

Policies and strategies that may be implemented by the program partners include:

  • Ensuring new and hired equipment conforms to international emissions standards;
  • Requiring contractors to use cleaner equipment where practicable;
  • Implementing policies to reduce exposure to diesel emissions on worksites (such as reducing idling, ensuring equipment is correctly maintained and using cleaner equipment near sensitive populations); and
  • Retrofitting older equipment with diesel particulate filters.

EPA provides technical and financial assistance, including co-funding of 50 to 90 per cent for retrofits of qualifying machines (while funds are available). The program is flexible and partners take on elements of the program that suit their organisation.

ECI Predator™ Particulate Catalyst

ECI’s Predator™ Particulate Catalyst has been tried and tested on many vehicles operating on Australian roads, and is a significant part of the NSW EPA Clean Machine Program.

The ECI Predator™ Particulate Catalyst works by effectively trapping and treating (by oxidation) particulate matter – so it doesn’t escape into our atmosphere via the exhaust. Highly successful in reducing diesel smoke and soot particulate emissions, the Predator™ also treats poisonous carbon monoxide and smelly hydrocarbons from vehicle exhaust.

100% stainless steel construction, the catalyst features an open filter structure and fine, stainless steel screens that trap and oxidize diesel particulates while allowing a free flow path for the gas. When you fit an ECI Predator™, there is no compromise on performance, as it causes no loss in engine power (when sized and fitted correctly).

Apart from on-road, other typical applications for Predator™ include:

  • Gen sets;
  • Marine engines;
  • Trucks and buses;
  • Underground and above ground mining;
  • Tunnelling equipment; and
  • Construction equipment.

ECI is proud to be a partner in the NSW EPA Clean Machine Program. 

For more information on ECI Australia, contact Joe Collins, National Sales Manager, on (03) 9588 2233
For information on the Clean Machine Program, contact the NSW EPA on 131 555 or (02) 9995 5555.

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