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Proven: Independent Test Results of ECI Australia Diesel Particulate Filters

September 2014 – Independent testing by PM10 Laboratories of an ECI Armour TechTM Catalysed Diesel Particulate Filter results in a 99.7% reduction of Diesel Particulate Matter in an underground gold mine in Victoria.

Exhaust Control Industries Australia (ECI) officially launched their Armour TechTM Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and breakthrough Armour TechTM Catalysed Diesel Particulate Filter (CDPF) in July this year at the Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition. Independent testing has now revealed the success of these new products.

Employee health

In 2012, the World Health Organisation released a report stating that Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) is a carcinogenic material. This has been a catalyst for many organisations to investigate how to better safeguard their employees working in high-risk environments such as underground mines.

The ECI Armour TechTM DPF and CDPF are designed to do just that: they are emission reduction solutions which eliminate harmful carcinogenic particulates and gases, such as Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons, from large diesel engines.

Increased productivity

In addition to the obvious employee health benefits, installing a DPF or CDPF can increase mine site productivity – particularly for underground mines – due to the reduction in emission levels that afford increased volumes of vehicles underground and potentially longer work cycles.

exhaustcontrol-catalyst-system-predatorcatalyst system

Environmental impact & legislation

Adopting an ECI particulate filter solution and reducing the output of gases and particulate emissions also positively impacts the environment. ECI are seeing that increasingly, mines are taking the initiative to reduce their gas and DPM levels before state or federal emissions legislation comes into effect, which appears inevitable.

Product detail

With regeneration temperature as low as 250°C, the latest technology metal Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) substrate matrix provides optimum heat and mass transfer capability, superior strength and high resistance to thermal shock.

The DPF and CDPF features state-of-the-art Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology with an optimised wash coating to continuously reduce Particulate Matter emissions whilst keeping backpressure in the exhaust low. In addition, they are self-cleaning and remain active for thousands of hours.

The SiC-based DPF has a thin catalytic wash coat that meets national and international legislative requirements to limit the increase of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) from DPF systems. The CDPF unit also simultaneously reduces Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons from the exhaust.

Due to the catalytic wash coat, the DPF can operate without a DOC, but for maximum regeneration and oxidation of PM, a DOC + SiC DPF combination will provide the highest DPM reduction performance available.

Installation & testing

The Armour TechTM DPF and, in particular, the CDPF, has attracted significant interest from the launch, particularly in Western Australian and Victorian mines. Interest in the products has been so strong that ECI has already installed DPFs and CDPFs in several underground mines in those states.

diesel oxidation particulatediesel catalyst particulate

In an underground gold mine in Victoria, a trial CDPF was installed on a 19L, 760HP Cummins QSK19 engine within an Atlas Copco 5010 truck. After approximately 1000 hours running time, independent testing by PM10 Laboratories was carried out on 1 September.

The testing was conducted over an 8-hour duty cycle period, and revealed a DPM reduction of 99.7% measured as particulate matter less than 5μm over the test period. In addition, there was no maintenance required on the CDPF unit during this time.

About ECI

Melbourne-based, 100% Australian-owned Exhaust Control Industries Australia has over 30 years of domestic and international experience in delivering emission and noise treatment technologies. ECI’s catalyst solutions achieve high-level emission reductions by utilising the latest catalytic coatings and substrate technologies that are compatible with any diesel fleet size, from 50HP to >5000HP engine applications.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and representation in Southeast Asia, ECI Australia is able to provide a comprehensive service offering based on their extensive experience, latest technology, local presence and wide partner network.

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