ECI Silencer Products

Silencers and Spiral Silencers

Intake and exhaust silencers are designed and manufactured to suit all types of engines. Our range includes both reactive and absorptive designs suitable for industrial, residential and super critical levels of sound attenuation.

Absorptive Silencer – 20 dB(A) reduction

The ECI Absorptive Silencer is a medium straight through absorption type silencer for all applications where low pressure drop is essential, and also for applications as secondary silencers where noise criterion is important.

Industrial Silencer – 25 dB(A) reduction

The ECI Industrial series of silencers is a medium degree reactive silencer for use in environments where background noise is relatively high. Can be used with two and four cycle diesel engines.

Residential Silencer – 30 dB(A) reduction

The ECI Residential Silencer series is a high performance reactive silencer, recommended for those conditions where the ambient noise level in the environment is low. For use with two and four cycle diesel engines.

Critical Silencer – 35 dB(A) reduction

The ECI Critical series of silencers is a high-performing reactive absorptive silencer recommended for those conditions where the ambient noise level in the environment is very low. It offers excellent broad band attenuation and is particularly effective where stringent noise criterion is demanded. For use with two and four cycle engines. Customised sizing also available.

Critical Fully Lined Silencer – 38 dB(A) reduction

The addition of acoustic lining, a fiberglass-based noise-absorbing substance, to both chambers of the silencer ensures a higher level of sound attenuation can be reached.

Critical Fully Lined with Lined Tubes Silencer – 42 dB(A) reduction

The application of acoustic lining to both chambers, inlet and outlet and inner tubes of this silencer ensures a premium level of sound attenuation can be attained.

Spiral Silencers

We offer two models of Spiral Silencers:
1. Residential Spiral Silencer – 22-28 dB(A) reduction
2. Critical Spiral Silencer – 28-33 dB(A) reduction
Their compact design allows them to fit into limited spaces such as marine environments and in cranes, or anywhere where size and weight is an issue.

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