Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMs)

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) with real time monitoring, data logging and SCADA,ensures you meet clean energy regulations.

The SCR Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) All-in-One (AiO) Control Cabinet regulates and monitors the urea metering injection control system via PLC. The information is displayed with process flow visualisation containing detailed real-time SCR operating parameters. The SCR CEMS AiO Control Cabinet is configured with minimum five-year data storage and networking capabilities, such as an ethernet interface, and offers integration with customer site SCADA system via Modbus (serial Modbus or Modbus over IP).

ECI offers additional unrivalled technical support with remote commissioning capability, real time diagnostics, and preventative maintenance programs.

Multi-gas Analyser with Real-Time Monitoring Station (MARMS)

Exhaust Control Industries (ECI) has just released a Multi-gas Analyser with Real-Time Monitoring Station (MARMS) that has been developed to meet new government regulations as they’re introduced around the world.

This MARMs Unit is more than a standard Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMs), it monitors everything important for climate change, government reporting and regulations.

ECI’s MARMS provides accurate and reliable monitoring of NO, NO2, (Total NOx), CO, SO2, CO2 and O2 emissions and temperature.

MARMS integrates with existing or new monitoring equipment, it is SCR plug-in ready and climate controlled. It has optional ammonia monitoring with the lowest ammonia slip on the market.

ECI’s MARMS has full remote access and 5-year data storage.

Certification by SUCOFINDO upon installation.

Stay compliant and exceed current environmental health and safety air quality requirements, future proof your assets, reduce your global warming footprint, and provide cleaner and safer diesel/gas engine emissions – be a leading force in the industry.