Since 1982, ECI has fabricated and installed exhaust treatment systems in Australia, South Pacific and Southeast Asia to address local and international emission requirements, safeguarding people and the environment.

ECI’s core business includes design, fabrication, and installation of diesel and gas power generation equipment, plant rooms, acoustic treatments, attenuators, canopies, container solutions, bespoke fuel systems, thermal insulation, waste heat recovery, glasshouse CO2 enhancement, and vibration isolation.

ECI delivers an end-to-end solution, which can provide front-end engineering design and consultation, through to fabrication, delivery, and installation.

We are the emission industry experts in the development of new environmental technology and industry leaders in aftermarket emission solutions.

ECI partners with engine suppliers & OEMs, consultants, builders, and industry leaders to provide commercially viable turnkey solutions that address environmental challenges.

ECI works closely with regulatory bodies such as the EPA, federal, state and local governments, and the government advisory body, Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand (CASANZ), to provide compliant future-proof installations.

We are proud to have developed technologies adhering and exceeding strict US Tier 4 Final emissions regulations: reducing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, diesel particulate matter and NOx from diesel and gas-powered equipment.

The world is changing and so are our environmental standards. Stay ahead of the curve with leading-edge environmental health & safety technology. Stay compliant with current air quality and noise output requirements, so you are ready for whatever the future holds.

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Key people

ECI's strength is in the experience of our people.

Dean Marchiandi

Managing Director

At the forefront of developing innovative pollution and noise control technologies that reduce emissions. 

Dean is passionate about developing innovative solutions to improve air quality. He has been inventing and manufacturing an extensive range of pollution and noise control solutions for over 40 years.

Dean is proud to have developed technology that reduces harmful emissions and further reduces greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. His expertise is sought throughout the world.

Dean is currently working on an affordable hydrogen dual-fuel conversion for large transport vehicles.

Clyde Coutet

Project Delivery Manager

Clyde has been a Project Manager at ECI since 2006 and now leads the Projects & Installation Team, he manages Major ECI Projects across Australia.

Graduating with a Diploma of Mechanical Engineering in 2000, Clyde has been working in design and engineering for 22 years.

Clyde heads up ECI’s engineering and design capability, delivering customers the best solutions for noise and pollution control. The team also work with clients at the front end of projects, engineering and designing FEED studies that explore the most effective and affordable options.

Lee Gunn

State Manager – Power Generation

Lee has been in the industry for over 35 years, commencing his career as an Electrical Design Engineer.  

He brings extensive experience as a Draughtsman, Project Engineer, and Project Manager to his role as state manager of our Queensland team for SCR and power generation Projects and Sales for Queensland, Northern Territory, PNG and Pacific Islands.

By doing electrical engineering first for over 20 years and then 15 years in mechanical engineering, Lee knows all aspects of power generation. Both his mechanical and electrical experiences are utilised in his solutions for our clients.

Working in the UK, NZ, Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia for companies such as Cummins, James Hardie, Entec, there are many applications of power generation that Lee has come across – diesel and gas.

With a NZ Certificate in Electrical Engineering (NZCE), and many industry certifications, Lee is well qualified to lead his team of Application Engineers, Project Managers, Workshop and Site Crews in all facets of power generation projects.

As a specialist in the Power Generation field, Lee enjoys travelling and working with our clients on remote power site installations, including turnkey, SCR, fuel, ventilation, exhaust, gas power stations and compressor facilities projects.

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