3D Modelling and Design

We have in-house 3D modelling design capability, allowing us to integrate our design seamlessly with your architectural project drawings or site landscapes.

Our in-house 3D Modelling helps both designers and users – it improves drawing efficiency, accuracy and provides a full perspective of the best packaged solution.

3D CAD drawings provide you with an easy-to-understand, quick and accurate visualisation of your installation. When designing in 3D, the design is done in one complete design concept, without requiring several 2D drawings from different angles.

It gives you the ability to physically see from all perspectives: elevation, capacity, spatial arrangement and use of materials.

By using 3D drawings, you can clearly see how the design best allows for optimum safety, operational access and equipment maintenance.

Our 3D design drawings provide you with an optimum view to facilitate faster project approvals.

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