We partner with you, providing the most efficient and effective solution for your application.

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Installation & Packaging

We aim to deliver on time and on budget, providing high-performing products and delivering the most sustainable and compliant solution.

Experts in Large Projects, Installation and Packaging

ECI has a highly skilled team of project installation experts who can design, manufacture, deliver and project manage noise and pollution solutions, including installation, testing, and commissioning.
ECI delivers noise and emissions solutions that encompass diesel and gas power generation equipment, plantrooms, acoustic treatments, attenuators, plenums, canopies, container solutions, bespoke fuel systems, thermal insulation, waste heat recovery, glasshouse CO2 enhancement, and vibration isolation.

ECI manufactures in Australia and has teams delivering solutions throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. We are recognised across APAC as the emissions industry experts and have provided thousands of installations across all industries since 1982.

Local people, global management

Our Promise to You!

ECI will deliver the best packaged solution that will:

  • deliver the most suitable and effective customised design
  • improve your workplace environment & safety
  • reduce your installation time & maintain uptime
  • deliver innovative technology & emission options
  • meet or exceed EPA regulatory requirements
  • AND meet your budget expectations

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Engineering Support

Exhaust Control Industries (ECI) is the recognised packaging leader in installations, emissions and air pollution control throughout Australia, the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

ECI provides a full-service offering for your project – Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) capabilities and consultation through to fabrication, delivery and installation. We deliver engine installation, noise and pollution control solutions for large projects and installs.
We’ve been inventing and developing innovative exhaust treatments and noise pollution control technology for over 40 years.

We offer unique and affordable emissions and noise treatment technologies for the safe and effective treatment of diesel and gas exhaust emissions for all applications and industries.
We partner with consultants, engine manufacturers and OEMs, building corporations and industry leaders to provide commercially viable turnkey solutions that address environmental, engine requirements, and spatial challenges.

Working closely with the EPA, regulatory bodies and local government, and the government advisory body, Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand, we provide compliant future-proof installations for our partners and customers.

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3D Modelling and Design

We have in-house 3D modelling design capability, allowing us to integrate our design seamlessly with your architectural project drawings or site landscapes.

Our in-house 3D Modelling helps both designers and users – it improves drawing efficiency, accuracy and provides a full perspective of the best packaged solution.

3D CAD drawings provide you with an easy-to-understand, quick and accurate visualisation of your installation. When designing in 3D, the design is done in one complete design concept, without requiring several 2D drawings from different angles.

It gives you the ability to physically see from all perspectives: elevation, capacity, spatial arrangement and use of materials.

By using 3D drawings, you can clearly see how the design best allows for optimum safety, operational access and equipment maintenance.

Our 3D design drawings provide you with an optimum view to facilitate faster project approvals.

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Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)

We deliver the most suitable design specifications to meet your requirements and maintain performance.

ECI provide you with our FEED services, extracting project specifications and providing a detailed design up front so you can more accurately forecast project costs and better understand the requirements of your application.

Our design capabilities enable us to integrate seamlessly with your architectural project drawings or site landscapes.

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Providing certainty

We aim to deliver on time and on budget, providing high-performing products and delivering the most sustainable and compliant solution. What you expect is what you receive.

Diesel & Gas Engines

Commercial installations with diesel and gas engines for exhaust emission treatments, including trigeneration

Up to Tier 4 Compliance

SCR treatments used in urban areas, universities, datacentres, power stations, commercial & residential buildings, and critical infrastructure. Providing regulatory compliance up to Tier 4 standard

Retrofits & New Builds

Diesel retrofit projects for tunnel use, plant equipment and on-highway transport vehicles

Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic treatments for urban utilities, warehousing and logistics operations

Commercial Exhaust Emission

Power generation installations in commercial buildings with exhaust emission treatment options

Data & Comms Packaging

Datacentres and Communication Centres packaging and emissions treatments

Large Scale Utility

Large scale Utility grid installation of gas and diesel power generation

Aged & Health Care Solutions

Power generation installations in Hospitals and Aged Care with exhaust emission treatment options and acoustic solutions

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Designed, manufactured, tested and serviced in Australia.



NOx Abatement up to 170MW

Commercial diesel power stations fitted with NOx abatement treatment up to 170 Megawatts

Aquaculture DPF Solutions

Aquaculture DPF Solutions to limit carcinogenic exposure to pens, tanks and growing ponds

Compliant Marine Silencer Packages

Marine Silencer Packages and IMO3-compliant emissions treatments

Underground Mining

Underground mining with diesel particulate filters for plant equipment and vehicles

Underground Tunnel Retrofitting

Construction phases of underground tunnels retrofitting of exhaust treatments and plant equipment, in order to protect operational staff

OEM Clean Engine Testing Cells

SCR solutions for OEM engine test cells for clean engine testing as required by governments internationally

Commercial & Residential SCRs or Catalysts

Commercial and residential towers providing SCR and oxidation catalyst solutions

Remote Power Stations

Remote power station packaging and emissions treatments

Fuel Systems & Tank Fabrication

Fuel system fabrication of bulk tanks, base tanks, day tanks

Fuel Storage Options

Underground tank, Base tank, Day tank installations, the best option for your application

PLC Automaton & Polishing Systems

All-in-One PLC, ideal for regional and remote areas. Global remote access to PLC controls also available.

ISO9001 Accreditation

Also, AS1940 compliant site installation accreditation

Landfill Gas Solutions

Landfill gas sites with AS1210 and AS1375 certified explosion-resistant silencers

CO2 Fertilisation

CO2 generation for commercial green houses, to enhance productivity and profitability, providing significant operating cost reductions

Cogen, Trigen & Waste Heat Recovery

Cogen, Trigen & waste heat recovery from diesel & gas generators

Industries and Applications

ECI designs, fabricates, installs and services applications across APAC, providing noise and emission solutions to all forms of industry:

  • Aged Care
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Commercial & Residential High-Rise Buildings
  • Construction
  • Data And Communications Centres
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food And Beverage
  • Gas Turbine
  • Government
  • Health
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Materials Handling
  • Mining
  • OEM Packaging
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation - Standby, Prime, Critical & Continuous, Landfill,
    Peak Lopping & Demand Response
  • Pumping & Dewatering
  • Quarrying
  • Rail And Allied Services
  • Transit Buildings - Airports, Stations, Terminals
  • Transport Test Facilities
  • Tunnelling Solutions
  • Utility - Power, Water, Gas, Sewerage & Telecommunications
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Waste & Landfill Power Generation